Family Raised Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Here at Pepper Tree Pembrokes we strive to provide only the best for our breeding dogs who serve as loving members of our family. To ensure we are able to give our dogs the best possible home life while being able to expand our breeding program and produce the best possible puppies, we like to limit the number of dogs we have living in our home. We are now offering a Guardian Program where qualified families will receive a beautiful health tested puppy / dog at no cost while we retain ownership & breeding rights until retirement. 


We provide all (done with our vet) annual veterinary exams, vaccines, vitamins & supplements, & reproductive related medical care including Health Testing, OFA xrays and evaluation, CARE eye exams, genetic testing and all breeding related vet care.

Guardian Family is responsible for food (approved by us), all toys & supplies, routine grooming and any additional non breeding related medical costs.


-A FREE puppy / dog once retirement has been met. 


-FREE Boarding Services until retirement 


-Complimentary grooming provided during whelping stays


-24/7 breeder support

How it Works:

Dogs may be available to Guardian Families at any age from 8 weeks to 3 years old.

- When females are ready for a litter, she will return to us for 5-7 days to be bred. She will need to return in her 8th week of pregnancy and stay for the duration of whelping, raising and weening her litter (approx 5-6 weeks). Guardians must be able to detect a heat cycle and keep her away from any intact male dogs during all heat cycles. Females retire between the ages of 3-5 years old. At that time, she will be spayed by our vet and continue to live the remainder of her life with her Guardian Family under their ownership.

-When a male's stud service is needed, we will make arrangements to either have the male brought to the canine cry bank for collection or pick up the male and bring him to our home for a 1-2 week stay. Guardians must keep males away from all other intact females to prevent accidental breedings with any dog outside of our breeding program. Males retire between 4-6 years old. At that time, he will be neutered by our vet and continue to live the remainder of his life with his Guardian Family under their ownership.

Other Requirements:

-You must own your home with no plans of moving out of the area for 5 years.


-Males must live within 50 miles of zip code 91913. You must be willing to meet half way for all pick ups / drops offs. 


-Females must live within 75 miles of zip code 91913. You must be willing to meet half way for all pick ups / drop offs.


-Regular  grooming every 4-8 weeks is required to maintain a healthy coat.

-We ask that you allow us to make arrangements to pick up the puppy/dog throughout various stages in its life to get photos taken to display on our website/social media channels & take them to vet appointments.


If you're interested in becoming a Guardian for one of our puppies / dogs, please shoot us a email tellings us a little about your family and your living situation.