Family Raised Pembroke Welsh Corgis

We have a 4-12 month wait for our personal puppies once a puppy application has been approved and a $100 non refundable wait list payment has been received. Every once in a while we have puppies available to families not already on our wait list. Check out our puppy page for info on any / all available puppies. Please make sure you complete a puppy application before contacting us about being added to our wait list.

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Please contact me directly over email if you’d like to make a change / update to your preferences OR if you think you’re supposed to be on the below wait list and don’t see your name.



Becca has first pick of all litters- 




11/6/17 Amrita M red M Violet 


12/30/17 Audrey L F Violet puppy FLUFFY 


3/29/18 Ashley H blue f card / red fluffy July 19’


6/11/18 Jiazhi W/S FLUFFY F TRI 


7/18/18 Reena P FLUFFY M 


8/28/18 Catherine M standard F 20’


9/5/18 Samantha R FLUFFY F 


9/12/18  Christian L and Grace FLUFFY TRI 


11/15/18 Karen B F- 2020


12/1/18 Nikki S FLUFFY F 


12/15/18 Katelynn C female Oct 19’ 


12/15/18 Anne S FLUFFY F late 19’ 


12/31/18 Sydney L FLUFFY F  


1/4/19 Joanne T Oct 19’


1/4/19 Melissa C FLUFFY F


1/17/19 John M 20’


1/22/19 Analisa d & Yanming x M stand Sep 19’


1/25/19 Thuy D red FLUFFY w/ tail


1/27/19 Elizabeth L FLUFFY F 


2/3/19 Chloe L TAIL 2020


2/9/19 Thy L Gwen X Taras


2/18/19 Lillian W RHT FLUFFY F 


2/20/19 Marisa V FLUFFY M Nov 19’


2/25/19 Trisha F red stand F sep 19’


2/26/19 Christina Y red F


3/13/19 Wini S FLUFFY F 


3/13/19 Kathy L FLUFFY m/f red/tri Jan 2020


3/21/19 Lauren D red FLUFFY F 


3/23/19 Lindsay K red FLUFFY  


3/30/19 Caila & Zach Sauer 2020


4/17/19 Michelle A FLUFFY F 


4/28/19 Kurt N red FLUFFY M 2020 


4/29/19 Ivan M FLUFFY TRI Sep 19


5/1/19 Shelby B FLUFFY F 


5/28/19 Victoria G red FLUFFY F 


6/3/19 Katie A red male stand/fluff 


6/6/19 Alicia S red FLUFFY F 


6/9/19 Bree O tri stand m after Sep 19’


6/11/19 Cynthia L DM clear only stand red f 2020  


6/17/19 Jessica W FLUFFY M Oct 19’


6/17/19 Theresa M stand M Oct 19’ 


6/19/19 Phuong T red standard / red/tri fluffy


6/18/19 Tiffany B red m standard Jan 2020 


6/25/19 Michelle B tri f 2020 


6/29/19 Phuong N after Oct 19’ open 


7/9/19 Keegan R red fluffy 


7/23/19 Holly B March 2020


7/24/19 Karin R stand tri m Nov 19’ 


7/26/19 Ashley C end of 2020 fluff f


7/26/19 Randy Y


7/30/19 David K red fluff f


8/2/19 Brian D red f stand


8/14/19 Brian B stand red m


8/16/19 Edward b stand tri tail


8/26/19 Molly T tail 


8/26/19 Jennifer s fluffy red


8/27/19 Veronica B  tri f 2020


8/31/19 Tamara P fluffy 2020 


9/8/19 Carmen P red male stand


9/24/19 Due B tri fluff m march 2020

10/3/19 Mitchell M Dec 2019

10/7/19 JillT red stand m jan 2020

10/10/19 Katy k fluff f Aug 2020

10/11/19 Kelly S

10/18/19 Terri E fluffy f

10/22/19 Tyler R red fluffy

10/23/19 Rachel B red fluffy m w/ tail

10/24/19 Alexander R tri standard

Carly M fluffy

11/1/19 Mark tri fluffy m

11/1/19 Andrew W

11/3/19 Thiago G

11/4/19 Sharon R

11/5/19 Chloe L

11/5/19 Jennifer C 

11/10/19 Jason S

11/18/19 Lauren R

11/26/19 Katrina

12/3/19 Caroline B

12/5/19 Debbie K

12/16/19 Vivian N

12/17/19 Yu W